Sunday, May 1, 2011

Three Years

Damn! I can' t believe that it has been three years since I posted to this blog.

Looking back and rereading the posts from 2008, I have been remembering the (mental) place I was in when I wrote those posts. That was a bad time. That was when I started a blog to distract myself from the worst year of my professional life.* It was the year I almost quit teaching.

Things are better now. I'm teaching in a great place with a great administration, where the community actually seems to give a damn about education.

With summer coming up and a new writing project on the horizon, I wonder if I can't find a way to turn some of that into posts for The Arbitrary Elbow.

Whoever you are reading this, o accidental stumbler upon my blog, be well and know that I might be back.


* Although I did write about my miserable year in "237" below, I have somehow managed to resist explaining exactly why the despicable weasel who was our principal didn't seem to know the difference between competent school management and a hole in the ground. Even after three years of vastly rewarding work, an award for excellence, and almost dangerous levels of professional satisfaction, the idea that one egotistical little turd's incompetence made me so miserable that I nearly quit teaching pisses me off to no end.